Caring for your Antiques : *Because* Antiques and Interiors

Caring for your Antiques *Because* Antiques and Interiors
Caring for your Antiques *Because* Antiques and Interiors
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Furuniture Wax and Polish Bees Wax *Because* Antiques and Interiors
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Caring for your Antiques

*Because* Antique Furniture Polish - 250mls

Here's a quick rundown on how to keep your furniture at home or your purchase from us at its best.

Patina builds up over many years, it's part of the character and history of every piece we sell and it adds to the value of your antique and should be preserved at all cost.

Once you have received your furniture there are a few small steps to keeping it looking its best.

Avoid direct sunlight where possible.  If you place your furniture near an open fire / fireplace nourish regularly.

Carefully wipe any spills immediately.

Regularly clean with a lint free cloth and *Because* Furniture Wax and Polish.

We hope that we have helped you choose the perfect piece and the above information helps you preserve and protect your pieces so that in years to come you may pass it down to future generations in its best possible condition.

*Because* Furniture Wax and Polish is a special blend of wax and oils that polishes all wood surfaces to a soft lustre and protects the surface with a coating of natural waxes.

We use this product on all of our pieces both in our homes and on the furniture, we sell.

Easy to apply; simple wipe on and buff dry to keep your furniture looking its best.

250ml bottle of *Because* Antique Furniture Polish:

1 bottle - $20.00 + Postage $8.50.

2 bottles - $40.00 + Postage $8.50

3 bottles - $60.00 + Postage $14.50

Pam, Kate and Michael at *Because* Antiques and Interiors

 *Because* Antiques and Interiors